Private English Instruction

kids_learning4Private English Instruction

Who is it for? Reach your goal! Would you like to learn quickly and intensively but only have a limited amount of time available each week? Do you also value flexible course planning and an individual timetable? Then Individual Instruction Classic is exactly the right choice for you.

The benefits:

  • Quick learning progress through intensive training
  • Flexible course planning: you can postpone lessons within the 7 week period up to 2 p.m.of the previous workday
  • You will be speaking at least 50% of the time
  • Core themes chosen according to your exact needs
  • Private Tutoring TorontoThink and speak in English
  • For all languages

How to get started:

The course runs for a maximum of 7 weeks per level. In this time, you take at least 40 lessons of intensive individual instruction. You agree on your individual timetable with your school manager at the start of the course. You can begin at anytime!

Lindsay Baril is the founder, director and owner of Lindsay Baril Consulting and Language Instruction. In her role as Director of Consulting and Learning, she is dedicated to overseeing the Private English Tutoring Classes, Consultation, Private School Entrance Tutoring, Corporate English Training and English Education content development, workshop development and instruction. Reach your goal!

Please contact me so that we may discuss your specific needs. View our English Tutoring page.

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