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To receive more information on tutoring please fill out the form below. View tutoring locations. Please note that as of December 2015 we are charging travel time for tutoring students.  If the student who needs tutoring is located near one of our tutoring locations we will waive the travel charge. View tutoring locations.

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All our programs are designed solely for one-on-one conversational style of instruction, as opposed to traditional English learning centers which are comprised of group lessons. You will use the same instructor session to session. Our instructors who maintain an ongoing relationship with their respective students develop a strong rapport.

Please contact me so that we may discuss your specific needs. View our English Tutoring page.

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Toronto English Tutor Locations (home tutoring upon request). CONTACT US Downtown Tutor Location University of Toronto Roberts Library (view Google Map) 130 St. George St. Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A5 Located on the University of Toronto Campus at the corner of St George and Harbord Street on the North West side of St George.   Midtown …