Nanny Training

nanny_trainingNanny Training and Education

Every family is grateful to have their nanny in their home. Nannies often become part of the family spending much time with the children. Often times, our nannies spend many hours with our children if we are busy parents and working parents. However, we need to keep our nannies up-to-date with curriculum. Essentially, we need a workshop to teach our nannies the best teaching tools from reading specific stories, practicing language skills, letters, numbers, Pre-K, K, Grade 1-3 Ontario curriculum and current games to give our children the best start.

This workshop is offered every Sunday of July and August at University of Toronto St. George Campus from 10-4 and each week we have a new theme and focus. Nannies will be able to connect with other nannies, learn teaching skills, design daily structure and routine for children, practice literacy and math skills, learn younger years curriculum and go home with a pronunciation practice booklet if any nanny is having troubles with the English language. We all want the best for our children and our nanny workshop is a great first step to giving your entire family an enriched environment.

The service, which costs $250 for the day, begins with a pre parent consultation for 30 minutes via phone, during which parents describe their child’s education, habits and areas for improvement.

Please contact me so that we may discuss your specific needs. View our English Tutoring page.

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