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Tutoring Testimonials

Tutoring Testimonials

She is the best.  And I couldn’t even grammatically write “she is the best” before:)  Thanks Lindsay
– AL

I never thought my son would enjoy mathematics until we found Lindsay. Now he won’t stop reciting his times tables around the house!
– HR

I always struggled with English since grade school. Thanks to Lindsay, English is now my favourite period of the day!
– CB

Lindsay really opened up my options for university. If it weren’t for her service, I wouldn’t be.
-Albert E.

My daughter has always had trouble with science. After just two sessions with Lindsay, her confidence – as well as her grades, had improved!

My son really struggled with his transition to high school, but Lindsay helped him to bring up his marks in English and Math before it was too late!

Grade 12 has been a stressful year for me, especially with my 3 math courses. Lindsay has helped take a lot of pressure off – I always feel more confident about a test after I see her!

I was really worried about taking biology in Grade 11 because my Grade 10 teacher hardly taught us. Lindsay helped me to catch up and learn the curriculum so that I felt good about my knowledge before going into Bio.

After 8 years in french immersion, my son was in for a surprise when he left the program in Grade 9. Lindsay helped make the transition easy for him, especially in English.

My daughter missed a lot of school due to a concussion, and when exams came around, she freaked out. Lindsay both taught her missed material and reviewed with her, and she aced both her math and science exam. We were both thrilled with Lindsay’s services.

Lindsay has been my math tutor since I was in Grade 9, and I know there’s no way my understanding or grades would be where they are today without her awesome help!

If you need help with any subject – be it math, science, or english, I strongly recommend Lindsay as a tutor. She has helped all 3 of my children in different courses and I have always been impressed with the results.

I moved to Toronto for University when I was 18. The one-on-one English lessons I had with Lindsay were extremely helpful. Becoming confident in English changed my entire experience in Canada.

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