Math Tutoring

math_learningMath Tutoring

A math tutor will improve your child’s understanding of basic multiplication and division facts, while increasing speed and accuracy.  Math summer tutoring picks up where the classroom leaves off, blending the latest teaching methods, engaging activities and games, and a fun rewards system to inspire your child in learning.

How our math tutoring works:

Our math tutoring is available for grades 1 – 8 and 9 -12. Our tutor builds on basic curriculum skills, encourages children to practice and learn new strategies and skills and challenges those who need and want the extra edge.

What to expect from our math tutoring:

• Designed to engage your child with questions, online math games and challenges, group challenges and individual rewards

• Led by experienced, flexible, motivational educators who focus on building your child’s self-confidence

• One week of a math tutor at the end of the summer or during Christmas holidays is designed to introduce curriculum expectations and give your child tools they need for the next year.  A great way to help your kids avoid summer learning loss and head back to school with confidence. Book an end of summer math tutor now.

Your child will practice and be introduced to:

  1. Number Sense and Numeration
  2. Measurement
  3. Geometry and Spatial Sense
  4. Patterning and Algebra
  5. Data Management and Probability

Please contact me so that we may discuss your specific math tutoring needs. View our English Tutoring page.

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